Thursday, November 19, 2015

BGS Submission Result Number NINE - 2015 Allen and Ginter : Clayton Kershaw Base Mini Parallel Flag Back Parallel (3/25) Now Graded Mint 9.0

2015 Allen Ginter Clayton Kershaw Mini Flag Back /25

Allen Ginter has always been boon or bust for me so I always submit them with a grain of salt and with this batch that means I have a lot of salt to send as I have plenty of Ginters. As per the norm nowadays I want all my limited/numbered Kershaws to be graded and slabbed and I believe this has a good chance for a gem mint return. Everything looks great except that on the lower right hand corner there is a slight speck that I don't know if it belongs there or not. We shall see but hopefully at worst surface comes back as a 9 and everything else is a 9.5.

This is the last solo Kershaw card that receives anything less than a 9.5 and while I had hoped that all my 2015 Ginter cards of Kershaw and Trout would come back as gems I am not too disappointed in this one as it still received a mint 9 which is my goal going into any submission and two I already had a feeling that this would not receive a gold banner and sadly that thought process did in fact come true. Unlike some of the other 9's I received in this batch this one will not be going back for a re grade as I would need the card to earn a full point to get that bump. The corners came back as 8.5 and even if I got that to bump I would still need centering to fix itself and get a bump as well.

This card is limited to just 25 copies so I will be just happy with this return but if I have a chance at another copy I might pull the trigger to see if I can replace this mint 9 with a gem mint 9.5. We shall see.

Could have been worse

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