Friday, August 19, 2016

BGS Submission Bonus Result - Clayton Kershaw Autographed MLB Debut Ticket Now Encased

Now that all of the returns for the cards have been accounted for I wanted to include a "bonus" entry from the batch. No grade for this beauty but probably the most important submission of the group. Hello Mr. Kershaw.

I showcased this ticket awhile back when I originally was lucky enough to get it signed by Clayton back in January at the yearly Dodgers FanFest. I have had this ticket since 2008 when Clayton made his debut in the big leagues and I was there to witness it on that hot Sunday afternoon.

Of course with it signed I had to be able to store in safely and what better way than a nice spiffy case provided by BGS? I have to give props to PSA though as when they slab tickets they label it for it's significance which BGS does not as you can see they label this ticket as a "Fernando" ticket while PSA would have said Kershaw's MLB debut. While I would prefer the PSA version I am a BGS person hence it is now in on of their case.

A great item in my collection just got better and won't be leaving my possession ever.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. I remember your post about getting him to sign this. Possible centerpiece of your collection? It looks glorious in the BGS case. This is what collecting is all about. Love it!

    1. You are correct. This and the 2006 BC BGS 9.5 are my 2 centerpieces. Love this item