Thursday, August 11, 2016

Card of the Day - 2016 Topps Tier One : Corey Seager Clear One Autograph (18/25)

This card took a long (over 2 months) and curvy road from eBay to my hands and to this day I am still debating if I am going to leave negative feedback or none at all as positive is definitely not an option. Only reason I am thinking about it is that the card looks to be in great condition with not a flaw to the naked eye.

Topps puts out a lot of product and the Tier One brand is not one that I normally pursue and this year is no different. While the autograph portion looked decent enough I wasn't overly impressed with the design but out of all the cards in the product there was one that stood apart from everything else and that was the Clear One autograph insert and low and behold Corey Seager was represented in it. I knew I wanted a copy if it could be had at a decent price and with that the long road started.

I saw this copy a couple weeks after the product debuted and the seller had a crazy asking price of over $250. I sent him an offer and he countered and I declined. Card went unsold and he relisted it at a lower amount so I sent an offer lower than my previous offer. He countered again and again I declined. This went on a couple more times and each time other copies sold for less than what he was asking for. Once again he put it up for sale and once again I sent over an offer and added a note stating we have been doing this dance for over a month (no joke). The starting price of $250 was long gone in the rear view mirror and we were playing in the double digits now. I think after the going back and forth finally wore him down and he accepted my last best offer. Woo Hoo. I won the card now I just had to wait for it to arrive. So I waited and waited and waited and 2 weeks had passed and no card. I reached out to the seller and never heard back from him so I had planned to open a case to get my money back. Before I would do that though I went to my PO Box one last time and staring back in the face was the card 3 weeks after I had won it. Like I do with all slow arriving packages I checked the date that it was mailed and saw that the seller sent it the day I reached out to him. My problem is he never responded to me which is a major issue I have with eBay sellers. Communication goes a long way. If he would have said, oops my bad I forgot to send it out, then I would be OK with it as the card looks great in person but I did not get that consideration so now I have to decide on feedback. We shall see, Other than that I have another great looking Seager autograph for my collection now.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. First, that is a beautiful card!

    Second, I'm with you on the communication bit. I've had that happen a few times, and I have always struggled with how to deal with feedback. In the end, I generally just don't leave any. That being said, if the experience had other issues along with the lack of communication, I think a negative response is warranted.

    1. TY

      I hate leaving negative feedback as I think a lot of buyers just use it to be a dick. I have had perfect feedback for the 15 years I have been on eBay except for 2 separate years that some jackasses put a neg just to be neg. Sold a comic book and on day 60 (last possible day to ask for refund and post fb) they put up neg saying book is bent. No communication prior or after that and so I had a neg for a year.

      The card came in good hence why I think I will just be going with the no FB instead of the neg. Dont want to be THAT guy

  2. Gorgeous card! You can always leave positive and just ding him on the stars portion and leave a comment stating the issues. I usually go that route.

  3. I usually leave a positive and maybe throw in a subtle jab or two. Sounds like this seller is a bad apple, but at least you finally got the card, and it looks like it's in very good shape.