Monday, August 1, 2016

BGS Submission Result Number FIFTY-TWO - 2015 Topps High Tek : Clayton Kershaw Low Diffractor Autograph (3/25) Now BGS Graded Gem Mint 9.5

2015 Topps High Tek Clayton Kershaw Low Diffractor Autograph (3/25)

... and now the brother to the previous Kershaw card with the one difference, a spiffy autograph.

Like the other one there is only one minor issue and that is that one of the corners is every so slightly dinged but with everything looking to pan out I still believe that this beauty earns a gold banner.

Even though I have been mostly irritated with the returns on my Kershaw autographs in this batch thankfully this one came back in a gold banner case. While I would have preferred the non auto and this one to be matching it was more important that this one graded out to gem mint to brother up with another card.

I was confident (but of course so was I on the non auto version) that this would gem but crossed my fingers nonetheless but thankfully it did earn a 9.5. With this now in hand I have my two favorite (Kershaw, Trout) from this very limited (25 copies) autograph collection in gem mint grades. They absolutely look great side by side and I am  glad I own a copy of each. On Instagram I will post both together to show off how nice in person they really are.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Nice, another rare 9.5 for the PC. My copy looks pretty good too, so I just might have to get it graded. Congrats again!

    1. Always a good day when you can add a gem mint of Kershaw. Ty and you should on yours. Easier storage too.

    2. Also, any interest in a 2016 Ginter mini Brooklyn of Seager #/25 for $60 before I put it back on eBay as I snagged a gem mint so I dont need 2.
      = )

    3. I'm interested, BUT unfortunately I can't afford it now, because I may have purchased a red ink Ginter last night ;-) It's a biggie! Feel free to let me know any time you plan on listing a card. I would even do PP gift with you at this point.

    4. I was wondering who bought that and thought of you. If you dont mind how much did you spend? Too bad you didnt get it today as eBay is running 10% eBucks

    5. $250 which wasn't toooo bad considering the X auto redemption just sold for 287 today. Ugh, I saw the 10% special, and it's such a bummer he didn't wait another day to accept my offer. He originally told me he wouldn't go under $275, and he refused to do a PP direct deal. Just for fun I sent a $250 offer and after a few days of sitting on it he accepted.

    6. Very nice and congrats. 250 was going to be my max if I decided to put in an offer but I had other cards I wanted from Ginter. IF I didnt have the Heritage red I would have gone after the Ginter red hard. Hope it comes back to you fast and clean.

    7. Thanks! Fingers crossed that I get it within the next year. I'm always so worried with the redemptions, because it seems like I always get the ones that take years to produce. Even though I told myself I would never buy a redemption again, I just couldn't resist this one. I was also intrigued by the X silver frame auto, but ultimately I think the red is better. Oh, and you are lucky to have the red Heritage. That's going to be a classic IMO. I finally picked up the blue ink 9.5 a few weeks ago (it's posted on my blog).

    8. I love my Heritage and have seen your blue one. Congrats again. Problem is my computer is having imaging issues so certain sites I cant see pics and your blog is one of them. Having them fix that shortly and then I can go enjoy your collection.

      Corey will sign as he has been doing it a lot and I bet that red will looking great in a BGS case if you ever go that route. Congrats again