Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Card of the Day - 2009 Topps Heritage : Clayton Kershaw Base Autograph Red Ink Variant (58/60) PSA Graded Mint 9.0

When I acquired my first red ink autograph of Clayton from the 2015 Topps Heritage set I didn't know I had started another mini project as I just wanted another spiffy looking Kershaw autograph at the time. Now with the pick up of this card I am now fully invested in getting this project completed even though if might take some time and that's even with only a mere 5 cards to acquire. Well I have 2 now but getting the other 3 will be a great challenge.

As mentioned Kershaw has 5 of these red ink variants through the years but going backwards is a harder journey price wise than going forward as the 2015 is the easiest to obtain while the 2008 might be a long time coming till I pick that one up. In the meantime I was able to secure this 2009 version (which he has two) in a PSA graded mint 9 case. As stated I am a BGS snob so I am hoping that my luck will continue on swapping out PSA mint cards into BGS mint cases. Theory is that most times if PSA says a card is mint than BGS usually agrees and gives it a minimum of a 9 as well with rare occasions coming back as 9.5 gems.  Not going to be greedy as I will be more than happy with a 9 from Beckett.

The only thing I had to make was that the signature was top notch since PSA does not do a separate grade for autographs. So the card itself could be mint but the auto crappy they would still give it a 9 but BGS would dock it down for the crappiness. Well nothing is wrong with this auto so I now have the 2nd of a planned 5 card project in hand and now await the return of Beckett to my hood to hopefully have it raw graded as a minimum 9.0.

All it took to get to this point was a major bidding war on eBay as there were 27 bids and mine held on even with a 2 snipe bids at the very end but all that did was drive up the price a few bucks. Very happy to have this beautiful card in hand.

PSA 9 = BGS 9?
God willing


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  1. Great card! I don't even have one of these. You very well might even be able to get a 9.5 from BGS. Believe it or not, I crossed over a PSA 8 to a BGS 9.5. Crazy right?! I think PSA had screwed up on the grade initially, because the card looked perfect.

    1. Man, I actually have one you dont? Shocking. lol. I have never heard a 8 turned into a 9.5. You got the grader on a good day. I know there is a chance it might earn a 9.5 and Id be beyond stoked if that happened but as long as it gets a 9/10 then Ill be content. Crossing fingers.

    2. Yeah, I mean either way this is a great card for the collection. Hopefully people will start listing the rare Kershaw's in the off season and I can get one of these at a decent price.

    3. I am going to do a minimal RCR for a 9.0. If for some reason it doesnt get it (cant see it not) I will leave it in this case. I hope as well as I want to get all the Heritage's and hopefully all the red ink variants. We shall see