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11 Cards Submitted to BGS For Raw Card Review / Grade Bump At South Bay Sports Cards On September 10th, 2016

Got .. to .. love .. Gold

As a collector of graded cards that is all you want to see above a card you submit to Beckett for grading. Of course you would love to see a 10 or the ultra rare black label but lets not get greedy shall we.

I sent in another massive batch of cards for the full graded treatment but unlike the past 2 submissions I had quite a few that I wanted raw graded and/or cards that that were already graded and wanted a bump in their grade. I will post each card that went through this process in particular order and do an update entry on each one shortly. With no further adieu here they are :

2012 Bowman Chrome Corey Seager Autograph Blue Parallel (4/150)

I might as well start of with the longest of longshots as this is a reach when it comes to looking for a bump in grade.

This is already a beautiful 9.5 that can only get better if it had an overall 10 attached to it and that is what I am trying to do here. Why it's a reach is because when it comes to looking for a .5 bump it is not unheard of (as I have had a couple successes myself) but to try for a full 1 point, now that is rare but it has been done and I will be trying.

2 sub grades already have earned a 10 so I need the 9 sub grade to get bumped to a 9.5 and the 9.5 to get bumped up to a 10. I put the odds of this happening at about 1-5% so I won't be sad if it doesn't earn it BUT I will be ecstatic if it does as that would skyrocket the value of this card.

2014 Topps Tribute Clayton Kershaw Autograph Yellow Parallel (6/30)

I've done it before and I am hoping to do it again.

This Clayton autograph has already been deemed a gem by PSA but being a BGS snob I want it in a Beckett case but I need to have it be at least a 9.5. I have had done this before with a PSA card that was also graded as a 10 and Beckett agreed with them and slapped a 9.5 on it so that is what I am hoping and expecting here.

2012/2016 Topps/Bowman Chrome Corey Seager 8x10 Autoggraph Purple Parallel (10/10)

Now for a raw card review in the hopes that this will be in the big batch that is heading to Dallas but due to it's size I wanted to make sure it earns a 9.5 first. Why does size matter? That's a loaded question isn't it? Beckett charges an extra $8 for anything that is bigger than a traditional sized baseball card and this Purple Seager far exceeds those. Also there is a slight "whitening" on the top left hand corner. While I don't think that will affect the overall grade as I expect this to earn a 9.5 I want to make sure because I would be very irritated if I spent extra money and this came back as a 9. Better safe than sorry.

2009 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw Autograph Red Ink Parallel (58/60)

Another Kershaw autograph another PSA that I hope to get into a BGS case with an acceptable grade.

This one though has been graded as a 9 by PSA and while I think it looks like a gem to me I will be more than happy if it comes back with a 9 from BGS. On occasion you see a card getting a higher grade from BGS and while that would be nice I don't expect it.

2015 Topps Supreme Clayton Kershaw Autograph Printing Plate (1/1)

No matter what grade this card will receive from Beckett I will be keeping it as it is my 1st 1 of 1 of the Dodger great. If it earned a 9.5 I would be ecstatic but highly surprised as I see no way that it gets that grade. Why you ask? On the left hand side you will see a dot near Clayton's sight line which is on the surface of the plate. I can not see how BGS will give the surface grade a 9 but if it did I believe the card would gem as there is nothing else wrong with it. My problem is I hope it doesn't earn an 8 which would drive the overall grade to an 8.5 and with me wanting all my Kershaw autographs to be a minimum of 9 that would be an issue with me. The solution? God forbid it comes back an 8 or 8.5 I will just submit it to just be encased with no grade as this is a great piece to own. Hopefully it won't come to that and it earns at least a 9.

2016 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw Punch Out Toploader Autograph (10/10)

Unlike the other Kershaw autographs in this batch I will flip this back on eBay if it does not at least garner a 9 from BGS in the raw card review process. Though this is a "plain" looking card of Kid K I do love it for its simplicity and would love to keep it in my collection but there is a small fraying situation going on the back of the card to one of the corners. I "fixed" it to the best of my ability and think at worse it comes back as an 8.5 in that sub grade. If it does that then the overall grade should be a 9 but I will keep my fingers crossed.

2015 Gypsy Queen Clayton Kershaw Autograph Silver Parallel (39/50)

Now for the one card I am very worried will come back with less than a 9 attached to it.

Upon closer inspection I notice that 2 of the corners on the back have fraying issues. Now does that downgrade that sub grade to an 8 or can it possibly hold at an 8.5? Hopefully the latter and not the former but I am that unsure hence why it is in the RCR batch instead of going straight to Dallas for the full slabbing treatment. Hopefully it will be in that batch but I must do this step 1st as I can not stand less than 9's on my Kershaw autographs.

2009 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw Autograph BGS 9.0

The definition of insanity is doing something over and over expecting a different result yet still getting the same one you are trying to get away from. So with that I guess I am insane when it comes to this Kershaw card and the Seager card below.

I have submitted this card before to BGS for a raw review looking to get a bump from its current grade of 9.0 to the more desirable gold banner 9.5. All I need is for centering or corners to get that extra .5 and till now I have not been lucky enough to get it. Maybe this is the time I get what I want.

2009 Bowman Draft Corey Seager Orange Chrome Parallel (22/25) BGS 9.0

Just like the Kershaw I have submitted this Seager before to BGS looking for a bump and just like the former the latter has had no luck in getting a higher grade.

2016 Topps Tribute Clayton Kershaw Milestones Insert (5/10)

While the other cards that I am getting raw graded are up in the air if I keep them or not this one will be staying my collection on matter what it receives.

As always I am hoping for at least a 9 on all Kershaw cards but looking at this under the loop I am a tad afraid of one corner which could drive down the overall to an 8.5. Normally if a card came back with that "terrible" grade I would flip it back on eBay but not this one as it holds a place in my heart. IF it does come back with anything other than a mint grade I will submit it to BGS for encasing only aka no full grade. I have never done that before but I want and will keep this card and it will be easier to store in a spiffy Beckett case.

While the Kershaw card would enjoy a nice little bump in value with a higher grade this Seager would really have its price appreciate with a gold banner. Just like the Clayton one I need this Corey to have either centering or corners get an extra .5. I see no way that centering gets it but the corners look good enough to be gem and I just need a sympathetic graded to share that view. Hopefully this will be the time.

Thank you and have a blessed day.


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