Friday, September 2, 2016

Card of the Day - 2015 Gypsy Queen : Clayton Kershaw Autograph Silver Parallel (39/50)

Another autograph card for my Kershaw collection was recently added with ease when I picked up this silver parallel of Clayton on an eBay steal.

I am on the fence with most Gypsy Queen autograph cards that are not of the mini frame variety. Those are always top notch in my eyes but these are hit and miss for me. This is not the most visually appealing card but when a seller has this listed for more than 60% off of book on a BIN auction I had to look into picking it up.

Knowing that Gypsy Queen has a history of corner chipping I inquired with the seller on the condition of them and was told he had no guarantee but from what he could remember they were decent. To me when I hear that word I expect/hope that they are good enough to earn a 9 from BGS if I was to submit it to them for grading which I do with all Kershaw autographs. I took the gamble and clicked the BIN button and crossed my fingers.

Now in hand and under a loop I think they will hold to a 9 and I probably just added another mint Kershaw autograph to my road to 100 project.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. I guess it looks a little like Clayton is pitching in a very low fog but I do like it when there's a good white space for the signature.

    1. I agree. I like it when an auto pops on the card which this one does. Have you seen the silver autos on Tier One this year? You can barely tell there is a signature as it bleeds into background. Terrible design