Friday, September 9, 2016

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps High Tek : Clayton Kershaw Base Autograph Black and White Parallel (5/15)

A major get in my eyes as I acquired this limited (5 of only 15) beauty on an eBay auction that I think people were scared off from. Now that it is in my hands I think it has a decent chance to earn a 9.5 from BGS which would be the cherry on top for this card's transaction. We shall see shortly.

When I first saw this pop up on eBay a lot of factors drew me to it. First obviously it would be another Kershaw autograph for my collection. Secondly it is black and white and this would be my 1st autograph of any player in this form. As I do love me B/W cards this would be a great addition and it being numbered to just 15 was the topper. What made me think I could land it was that the card was originating out of Japan and a lot of eBay buyers are scared off by overseas sellers but longtime readers know I have had great luck from our brothers from across the Pacific. What gave me pause though was in the auction the seller stated that the card is not perfect and if a potential buyer wanted one in that condition to go elsewhere as this one was not "gradable". Yikes. I decided to reach out to the seller via email to see what exactly he meant with his comment about the card being not gradable. After a few emails I decided to chance it and try to win this computer screen beauty and hope that in hand it was just as pretty.

I believe if the seller did not put those comments in his auction or undersold its condition that the card would have gone for a lot more and especially more than what I paid for it. I expect it would have gone for a minimum of $100 but my purchase price was no where near that and for that I am happy.

The card arrived weeks after the auction win and under the magnifying loop I honestly can't say I see anything overly wrong with the card. There is 1 corner that is not super sharp but it is not frayed. I can't see any scratches on the plastic surface and the autograph is clean. So did I score a hell of deal and acquire another gem mint Kershaw autograph? Well I would say at worst it is a 9 and that wouldn't be terrible as well but hopefully Beckett will give it a 9.5 in October.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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