Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Card of the Day - 2016 Allen Ginter : Corey Seager Base Mini Parallel EXT Variant

Took a little longer than I wanted and expected to but I finally landed a copy of Corey's EXT mini from this year's Allen Ginter set. Though an official print run is never announced for these the assumed number is no more than 50 and considering all are not found as not all rip cards are opened these are had at a slight premium.

I lost out on a couple of these though 1 went to an IG buddy so that was good to hear. I saw a different copy being sold on eBay and contacted the seller to see if he would end his auction and I would pay right then and there as eBay was running an eBucks promotion. He declined and said he had another (this one) if I didn't happen to win the 1st which I didn't as that soared above my price point. A hour after that one's auction ended he promptly put this one up and once again I put it on my watch list. Week later I put my bid in and won it for almost $15 less than his other one that I tried to snag. Losing yesterday is sometimes a win the following day. Saved some cash and acquired the card I have been hunting for.

Card came in and under the loop I see nothing wrong with this bad boy. Can it pristine at BGS? Maybe but I will be more than happy with a 9.5 slapped on it as when this blog entry goes live the card will be in Dallas getting the grading treatment.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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