Friday, September 23, 2016

Raw Card Review Recap Number Seven From Submission Batch On Saturday September 10th, 2013 (2015 Topps Supreme Clayton Kershaw Printing Plate Autograph)



No matter what grade this card will receive from Beckett I will be keeping it as it is my 1st 1 of 1 of the Dodger great. If it earned a 9.5 I would be ecstatic but highly surprised as I see no way that it gets that grade. Why you ask? On the left hand side you will see a dot near Clayton's sight line which is on the surface of the plate. I can not see how BGS will give the surface grade a 9 but if it did I believe the card would gem as there is nothing else wrong with it. My problem is I hope it doesn't earn an 8 which would drive the overall grade to an 8.5 and with me wanting all my Kershaw autographs to be a minimum of 9 that would be an issue with me. The solution? God forbid it comes back an 8 or 8.5 I will just submit it to just be encased with no grade as this is a great piece to own. Hopefully it won't come to that and it earns at least a 9.

We come to the last entry and lucky number 7 of the raw graded cards and the biggest surprise (at least to me) of the batch. Upon closer look I think the grader might have done me a solid and handled the issue I though would arise but seems to no longer be there.

In the before picture you will notice a dot on the top left hand side of the card. It is/was physically on the card and not on the case. When I received the card back as seen in the after photo my eyes went straight to the gold banner. I knew the autograph would score a 10 but I could not believe that a card I was so worried about not even earning a 9 received a 9.5. As I was filling out the form to send this to BGS I took another glance at the card and that is when I noticed that the "mark" seemed to have disappeared. Where did it go? I think the grader saw it and figured out or knew how to get it off without affecting the integrity of the card that he took care of it for me. If that is true then I want to say thank you Mr. Grader for hooking a collector up.

A great way to end my raw graded batch. Only 1 of 11 was unsatisfactory and if I can keep that ratio up for the batch that went to Dallas I would be very happy.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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