Friday, September 16, 2016

Card of the Day - 2016 Allen Ginter : Clayton Kershaw Base Mini Parallel EXT Variant

A very important acquisition for my Kershaw collection but one of those rare times where I am not "allowed" to say who I picked it up from.

There are 2 different minis I need to acquire for Kershaw, Trout and Seager in this year's Allen Ginter release. We have the Brooklyn which is numbered to 25 and this one, the EXT or extended variant, which is only found in rip cards. A quick recap about that, rip cards are designed to give you the choice to keep it untouched OR "rip" it open to discover a mini within said rip card. With that said not all rip cards are opened so these "ext" cards like Kershaw here are not always found and remain in the rip cards. Makes a completist like me crazy when trying to acquire one as since they are not numbered you don't know when you see a copy if it will be the last time you see one for a long time.

Well a buddy of mine on Instagram had a friend of his pull this card and had no interest in and said buddy reached out and wanted to see if I had any interest. Damn right I did. We came to an agreement on price which was low considering past sales of this card and that is the reason I can not mention who I acquired it from so my buddy does not get in trouble for giving it to me as his friend thought it was for him. With all that said and done this beauty showed up in great shape and can't wait to see it in a BGS gold banner case.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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