Saturday, September 17, 2016

Card of the Day - 2016 Topps Chrome : Mike Trout Base Photo Variation Green Parallel (21/99)

Wait ..
Wait ....
Wait ......
NOW !!!

It felt like a race when it came to this card and thankfully I had a lot of "false starts" prior to acquiring this limited greenie as it benefited me nicely to lose day in and day out for a week.

I love me some photo variations as everyone knows and when I heard it was announced that Trout (Kershaw as well) would have one in this year's Topps Chrome set I knew I would be hunting one down for myself. A couple days after TC's release I found out there were Green (Orange as well but I won't be after those) parallels of the photo variations. To top it off they are numbered so these became more desirable as I prefer numbered cards. Off I went to eBay to secure one for myself and at least 5 copies I had lost out on as the final price always went over $60 with a couple hitting even $70. I wasn't that interested in the card.

On a Sunday when I was out and about I checked the bay and this bad boy popped up with a starting price of $27 with a BIN for less than $43. Really? Don't know if this seller didn't do his homework but this was not the going price but I didn't hesitate and I clicked and paid for the card and waited a week in the hopes that it looked good enough to be another gem mint 9.5 for my collection. It does and is in my current BGS batch for grading.

Just for the hell of it I have kept track of a couple more of these Green parallels on eBay post my transaction and each one has closed at over $60. Score one for me.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.