Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ball of the Day - Player Appearance Recap : Paul Lo Duca ( ROMLB Sweet Spot ) @ Harry's Dugout

Yesterday Harry's Dugout held another one of their in store player appearances. Paul Lo Duca stopped by and signed for fans.

I already had a signed ball in my collection of Paul but it was purchased pre authenticated but once I heard about this signing I promptly sold it for a tad over $20 which covered the cost for this signing. I keep doing this with any pre authenticated ones as I prefer IP ones instead. I arrived at the store around 12:40 and there were about 15 people in line already. We were all crammed in the store due to the heat outside. Paul was already sitting but we all had to wait until his scheduled time to sign which was at 1. Went over and bought my ticket and talked to the store owner Edward. Talking about future signings with Jack Morris stopping by in two weeks which I also will be attending. With 1 approaching I headed back into line and Paul started signing. He talked to each fan that engaged him which is always nice to see. Got up to the table and handed over a ball and asked for the sweet spot and after he was done I asked if he wouldn't mind a picture which he did not. Got my ball and picture and moved out of the way for others.

As always with all this store's signings it went smoothly without a hitch. I always look forward to their signings here and with Jack in town in two weeks I will be back for more autographs. Thank you again to Edward and Harry's Dugout for hosting the event and to Paul for showing up to sign for the fans.

Paul signing a ball.

Paul and I.

Finished product. Nice and legible.

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