Saturday, November 12, 2016

Card of the Day - 2016 Topps Chrome : Corey Seager Base Blue Refractor Parallel (78/150)

As I write this up it is the last week of September and this blue parallel is the final in season acquisition of a numbered Corey Seager card for me. I note that as purchases from Mar to Sept can be pricier so when this post sees the light of day we will be in the middle of off season and I bet getting this could have been cheaper but I wanted to get it out of the way.

I did make the decision to wait a month or so till the prices came down from the release day highs to snag this at almost low book which I think is a steal. I had hoped to win one of the few graded copies that hit the bay but I always lost out in the final seconds of their auctions. This card though looks to have a very good chance to earn it's own gem mint grade as only the corners seem to have an issue as they are not super sharp. Bent and rounded no, but not perfect so I think they earn a 9 while everything else checks in with a minimum of a 9.5. Here's hoping I am right when Beckett is back in town in March of next year.

One Hundred and Fifty

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