Thursday, November 3, 2016

September 2016 BGS Submission Result Number FOURTEEN - 2009 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw Base Autograph Red Ink Parallel (58/60) Now BGS Graded Mint 9.0

2009 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw Autograph Red Ink Variant (58/60)

Another Kershaw autograph that is destined for a 9.0 from BGS and I am more than happy with that as these red ink variants from the Heritage brand are beautiful. Unlike another Kershaw autograph that did not get an equal grade swap from PSA to BGS from my RCR submission this one did as it will now go from PSA 9 to a BGS 9 case. The only question is how close to a gem mint does it come to as if it is only .5 from a 9.5 then I will be going for a bump grade in March.   

And we are at the last mint 9.0 of the batch and one that I didn't care of the subs as long as the overall grade was a 9.0. Thankfully with the RCR event I knew that this PSA 9 would transfer to BGS as a 9 as well and I was ecstatic knowing that as I do love me these red ink parallels.

If edges would have come back as a 9 I would have tried my luck in the future trying to get this bumped to an overall 9.5 but with it needed a full point to get to that level I will not be going that route. 9 or 9.5 it doesn't matter as this is a great card.

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