Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 Select A Seat Day

What has become an annual event for me and multitude of season ticket holders, this past week had the opportunity for any of us to upgrade our seats or move to another section if there was something available. I expected going in that the choices would be minimal at best and I was not wrong in that thinking. With a waiting list to buy season tickets approaching 4,000 and the renewal rate at over 95% most people are not giving up their seats. The wife and I moved over to the 1st base side last year as we had to get away from the "drip line" in which our row was a part of on the 3rd base side. The view is fine on the 1st base side but I missed being on the 3rd base side. Also even with the knowledge of possible sun issues with moving to the 1st base side I thought being in the 3rd from the last row of the section and under the overhang that we would be shielded from the sun. I was wrong. Games with start times at 5 we were subjected to the glare for a few innings. With that I for sure wanted to head back to my beloved 3rd base side. We arrived at the stadium with that intention in mind but first it was time to have our first Dodger dogs of the year.

We headed to the Stadium Club and had a few dogs and I had the view I wanted to have to see what was available if anything in the area that I wanted to move us to. Sadly there was but one pair I saw from the restaurant and I had to hope that no one else would get them before we ventured over. Finished our dogs and went to our current seats for a picture.

I know its hard to see but if you are looking at Loge level and from the last "skinny" section count over two big sections you will notice that there are two seats under the overhang that had been deemed available to acquire. Nothing else to be had so that was target. Took this last picture from my current seats hoping that I will swap it out for the same view from the other side of the stadium. Off we went.

Making our way to our "future" seats the wife came across a foul ball in the stands. She officially is on the board for the year and leads the Penguin, 1-0. I still believe I will acquire more stadium balls during baseball season.
= )

I noticed a couple making their way towards my deserved seats but moving at a slower pace and stopping and taking the occasional picture. Well I informed the wife I would be stepping it up and walking faster and would meet her there. I passed the couple and noticed a few seconds later that they were following me. I made it to the seats first and sat down and waited for my wife. The guy of the couple looked at me with a slight stink eye and walked away. Hey, first come first serve. You take your time you lose your opportunity. Forgot to take a picture but the new seats are two rows further down and just across the aisle compared to the 1st base side seats we had. Still under the overhang and not in the drip line. We were back on my desired side and I couldn't be happier. With new seats in hand we headed back to the Stadium Club area to do the official swap but we noticed some people down by the Dodger's dugout.

Got down there and noticed that Orel, Stever Yeager and Ron Cey were around the area and unlike last year I came prepared with markers and pictures for potential autographs. Me and a couple of other fans couldn't get Steve or Orel to come over to us but we were able to grab Ron's attention and he was kind enough to come over and sign for all of us. This old school picture is my new project that will take quite awhile to complete as there are 10 needed signatures. This should be fun. I already have a Cey autograph ticket for tomorrow's Fan Fest so now I can get different picture for him to sign. Woo Hoo. Thank you to Ron for always being accommodating to fans.

As we approaced the Stadium Club I wanted another Dodger dog for the road but they moved them to one of the club suites and in it was this cool looking pool table. The only thing I would do is swap out the green for a Dodger blue surface. Just my opinion.

Sat down with a Dodger rep and finished up switching to our new seats and was informed by her that she recognized the seat location as she had talked to another couple that were going down to the seats to claim them. Was it the couple that I passed earlier or someone else? Don't know but what I do know is I have new seats and couldn't be happier. With upgradeable seats becoming more and more scarce and with my thinking that next year there will not be any in the price range I want to pay I am relieved that I was able to change my seats this year as next I don't think it will be possible.

Another year and another successful Select-a-Seat event for us. Thank you again to Ron for the autograph and can't wait for April to roll around to seat in my new/old section.


  1. Do you have a full season plan? Looks like pretty good seats.

    1. Yes sir.
      81 games
      I sell 55 to one guy down here (cant become a season ticket holder, 4000 waiting list) for $100 less than I pay for all of them then I have 26 games basically for "free"
      If you are ever out here hit me up and I can forward them to you. Do the same thing for Alex aka Chavez Ravining

    2. Cool. I'm thinking about heading to San Diego for a road trip Padres/Pirates series. Would love to hit Dodger Stadium at some point. Maybe my work will take me that way.

    3. Sounds good. Welcome to left coast. Hopefully you can swing by

  2. Nicely done. I've always toyed with the idea of buying season tickets, but the low turnaround of upgrades has held me back. Are the better seats transferable to anyone outside of family or is it buy them or lose them?