Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Archives : Nolan Ryan Mini Frame Autograph (22/25) BGS Graded Mint 9 AND eBay Bucks Quarterly Purchase Number Two

The second of three eBay bucks purchases and this one also falls under the reacquired autographs banner.

Nolan happened to be the 1st card of the 3 to be "locked" in for purchase as the seller and I were able to agree that I would "purchase" the card in mid December but not pay for it till the eBay bucks became available to use on January 3rd. I have done this numerous times and have been very fortunate to do business with sellers that work with me.

Yesterday's Carlton card was picked up with the remaining bucks and a measly $10 out of my pocket. The bulk of the eBay bucks were used for this card which made this acquisition FREE for me. Man I love this time of the year with "free money" being thrown at you and cards just begging to be purchased.

This card was actually on the bay for quite some time with the price fluctuating on a BIN auction for well over 3 months. It always stayed on my watch list and when the calendar turned to December my eyes were firmly on it to see if I could finally acquire it. Nolan was in my collection at one time but as most players he was included in the ball purge of 2014. Always wanted him back and now was the time. I would have preferred him in an Astros or Rangers jersey but an on card autograph trumped those desires. Most raw cards I saw of Nolan were trending almost at the cost of this card which was already graded as mint. Again, would have preferred a gem mint card but if I could score a guaranteed mint card for free why not?

The seller kept lowering and raising his price until one day I saw it sitting at such a low price that it was finally time to contact the seller and see if I could do my patented purchase now, pay later transaction. Within an hour of contact he responded with a "yes" and with that I hit the purchase now button. Waited a few weeks till the 3rd of January was upon us and once it was I sent over the payment for the card and within literally a couple of days I had the card in hand.

Hall of Fame player
On card autograph
BGS graded
FREE !!!

Nothing on that checklist is bad.
Thank you again to the seller for working with me.
Two down and one to go.