Thursday, January 8, 2015

State of the Dodgers : I'm A Millionaire...Social Rewards-wise

Well. well, well . . . look who made it to the 7 digit threshold first?

When last I posted (November) about my standing in the social rewards program I was crawling and scraping my way back up the leaderboard. With the season concluded I was able to shave off some of the lead and was within striking distance. I knew I would have to constantly put in my points everyday to stand a chance to return to the top of the mountain but I also needed the person in first to "forget" to put in his own points at least a few times to make up the difference that separated the both of us. Well as of last night here is the new and updated standings :

Yup, I'm back in first!!!

Earlier in the week the Dodgers had some questions that scored you bonus points so I hit the one million mark a little faster than expected considering the questions were worth an extra 13K in points which is more than a weeks worth of daily points.

With the season less than 3 months away I should still be in first when I pass the 1.1 million mark in about 2 and half months. That is unless something screwy happens. Once the official baseball season starts then the question becomes how long I will remain in the top spot as we shall see if the Dodgers/At Bat App fixes the "glitch" from last year. Won't rehash about it but you can look at past entries about that gripe.

Glitch or no glitch I still have not won anything from this program and yet I continue to put in my points each and every day and I will continue to do so. It really has become a sort of pride thing with me (some would say ego, ha ha) that I push ahead each day to remain in first or chase it as that has been the matter of fact for the past few months. What will I do if I ever do win something? Hopefully someday that question will be valid to ask but till then here's to the first million and the continued daily grind. Good luck to all in the program.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Congrats! haha... I think that guy in 3rd place goes to my church although I don't know him personally.

    1. Thank you...
      Everyone has pretty much bailed on doing daily input other than the top 5 and random others.
      You should find out if its the same guy.
      Chan Ho Park still ?