Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Mini : Hanley Ramirez Base Autograph

This card is probably going to just be a place holder but it's a nice one for being just that.

Up to this moment I only had one Hanley autograph in my collection with him in a Dodger uniform but the problem was it was a relic card and the relic's color was black. That means it was from his days as a Marlin. If it was a white swatch I could "pretend" it was from a Dodger uniform but I would know it wasn't either way. So the hunt was always on for me to acquire one with him in Dodger blue. Problem is that there is not much to pick from. From my research there are 3 cards that don't have his autograph accompanied by a Marlin relic and only one is an on card autograph. That card also has Adrian Gonzalez's autograph and it goes for $70+ due to its limited nature. It's numbered out of just 10. So I had to go to plan B and this is it.

The other card that I could have pursued but didn't is from the Bowman Platinum brand but like this one that is a sticker autograph as well. I really don't like these but the relic bothered me more than the sticker. I prefer this picture to the Platinum one so I had to hunt down this card. It comes from the limited 2013 Topps Mini set and when it was 1st released I saw it going for north of $40 with a book of $50. It fell off my radar for months but then I remembered I wanted it and found it once again on the bay. Asking price was over 60% off of book so I put it on my watch list. Last day of the auction came and no one had bid on it yet so I put mine in with a few seconds left and came out the winner. Love the picture and the fact that I finally have a autograph of Hanley in Dodger blue but when and if another one comes up with an on card autograph I will be getting that one and selling this one. Till then, this is a very nice place holder.


  1. Ramirez (was) my favorite player when he was on the Dodgers, that's an awesome card! Let me know if your looking to move it! Trust me, I'll be seeing plenty of Hanley in Boston!

  2. He's got on-card autos in Topps Tek baseball

    1. I saw that.
      Also saw he was featured in Five Star after I acquired this card.
      I do have one of those now
      = )
      Thank you for the heads up