Friday, January 23, 2015

Card of the Day - 2011 Bowman Chrome : Jose Fernandez Base Refractor Autograph (454/500) BGS Graded Gem Mint 9.5

edit : I forgot to post this entry mid last year and just saw it in my que. I decided I am not going to re-write it so as it would have me redoing the whole post hence the references to his performance prior to his injury. Still a great pick up in my eyes.

Just cruising along on eBay one day and thought I would see what the past sales were on this card. I have Jose on an on card autograph from the 2013 Five Star issue and I also ended up picking up a black signed baseball but when it comes down to it I always come back to Bowman Chrome.

Jose is dominating right now and at his young age I wanted to pick up this card if I could at a reasonable price. Still had funds left over from the sale of my baseball collection and if I was going to pull the trigger on this card I had to have it graded by BGS as a gem mint and it would have to be at least a numbered refractor. Looked at the blue refractor which is numbered to 150 and it was way out of price range so back to the regular refractors that come in numbered to 500.

I had a feeling this card would skyrocket soon so I had to figure what I could do in a short manner of time. Found this card on a BIN with best offer auction and sent in a low amount to see what he would counter with. Came back with a reasonable amount but thought maybe I could do a little better. I countered his counter and he accepted in a few short hours. Woo hoo. 

As the card was making its way to me through the mail the cards book value went up $50 for a raw copy. The few BGS cards to sell after this one sold for at least $20 more than I spent for mine. I had great timing on this purchase and with Kershaw probably out of the running for Cy Young we might be looking at the 2014 Cy Young winner. NL ROY one year and Cy Young winner the next will only do wonders for the value of this card.  


  1. I'm curious to see how he bounces back from the injury. He has a nice auto. Great addition!

    1. Same here...and he does. Similar to fellow Cuban Abreu in my eyes