Monday, January 26, 2015

Vote For Penguin In The BIP (Blogger) Awards

With all the drama from this past weekend about a blogger who was "deceiving" people I kept hearing about some "BIP Awards" which I found out is the celebration of bloggers. I didn't get a chance to look into it until this afternoon. I wanted to see who I would vote for but low and behold, I have been nominated in the best Instagram category. How you ask? I have no idea but I made the cut somehow. I spent the weekend watching Oscar nominated films not knowing I am also a honored nominee in my own "field" of blogging.

There are other categories which I have been picking my favorites but here is the screen shot of my category. I feel special. = )
Well, if none of you have any special attachment to the other 4 nominees I would love to have your vote. All of us are worthy though and I am just happy to be acknowledged considering where I started just a few short years ago in the blog and Instagram world. Thank you again to all that follow and read up on my adventures and thoughts. It is always appreciated.

Here is the link for further information and where you can vote for me and any of the other categories.

BIP Award Nominees

Have a blessed day


  1. You got on there because some nominated you. Who? I have no idea. The nominations were anonymous. Congrats and good luck!!

    1. Guess I made some type of good impact on someone. Thank you and I dont expect to win but it is an honor to be nominated.