Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman Chrome : Josh Beckett Base Blue Refractor Parallel (57/250)

I have been focusing on Topps Chrome parallels for the past couple of months as I waited for the Bowman Chrome varieties to come down in price as they are the "newer" of the two the going rates were higher.

The first one to hit my doorstop is the recent retiree Josh Beckett. Even though he had a bad reputation prior to him arriving in Los Angeles the few times I met him he was nothing less than polite and cordial. When on the mound for the Dodgers he performed better than expected. It's too bad he retired as even at his age he would have been a good 4/5 pitcher for this team.

Book on this card sits at $4 which is too much in my eyes but the one dollar I threw down for it was not. Parallel cards can be pricey but a dollar is a sweet spot everyday of the week. One down and many more to go for the Bowman Chrome brand.

57 of 250

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