Friday, January 9, 2015

Card of the Day - 2012 Topps Five Star : Matt Kemp Base Autograph (25/97)

The prices of almost all autographs of Matt Kemp continue to spiral downward so for the foreseeable future it continues to be a great time to get autographs of the Bison on the cheap. Fine by me as I'll enjoy it while I can.

I have seen this card for months on end but every time I thought I would win it I got out bid at the last moment. This is a relic and though I would prefer a blue swatch rather than a white one I wasn't that picky if I could pick it up on a bargain.

Well this copy came up for sale on the bay and once again I added it to my watch list and tracked the bidding. 10 plus bids prior to the last day but they were are small so the price was still reasonable. Final moments were upon me and I put my bid in with 5 seconds left and sat and waited to get out bid like all the other times. This time though it was meant to be as I remained the high bid and finally won this elusive card.

Card arrived a short time later and for a thick Five Star card it is in great condition. No corner issues whatsoever. I am glad to add yet another Kemp autograph to the collection whether he is a Dodger or not.

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  1. Sweet pickup. I have a copy, in fact it was my first Bison auto. Congrats!