Sunday, January 11, 2015

Card of the Day - 2012 Allen and Ginter : Anthony Rizzo Mini Frame Autograph BGS Graded Gem Mint 9.5

Sell some relics and pick up more autographs. Rinse and repeat.

Continuing my switch over to non relic and non blue/black parallels I am focusing on acquiring autographs of players that could be had a cheap price. Other than the norm (Kershaw, HOF's, Dodgers in general) I am trying to pick up autographs of young players that I probably will never get in person. Rizzo is a rising star for the Cubs but is not the biggest as they have a lot of higher profile players just arriving (Soler) or very close to making it to the big leagues (Bryant).

Rizzo made the All Star team last year so I wanted to pick up his autograph at some point. A seller had this up on the bay one day for an asking price of $65. Book value ungraded is $30 so I would expect a slight premium for the BGS gem mint grade but I wasn't going to pay that. Week went by and it went unsold. He relisted it for $50 and a best offer. Still no interest on my part. Another week by and it continued to remain unsold. Seller relisted it again but this time on a traditional auction for under $30. Now my interest was there. I had plenty of funds from the other sales so it was time to see what kind of bargain I could get.

Auction once again was nearing it's end and not a single bid had been placed and from what I could tell I was the only watcher. A few seconds left and I put in my bid and won the card as I was the only one to put a bid in. Being patient for close to three weeks got me this card for more than 60% of what the seller originally was asking for and for less than what an ungraded copy books for. Welcome to the collection Rizzo.

1 of only 5 graded gem mint

I guess that is an "A" and a "R"...

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