Monday, January 19, 2015

Card of the Day - 2010 Allen and Ginter : Matt Kemp Mini Frame Autograph

I am doing the mini project of Clayton Kershaw autograph mini frames from Allen and Ginter but I realized that I never collected all of them for Matt Kemp. D'oh. Need to fix that mistake and even though Matt is had a better year than the past two his demand is still near an all time low in the hobby scene. Deals can and are still made regularly on eBay.

I need two different years of Kemp and this was the first one that I found that started at a reasonable price. Typical 7 day auction and on the last day there were 7 bids on it when I put mine in which became the top one which scored me the card. The price? A measly $8+ delivered for yet another Kemp autograph for my collection.

Hate that his value has really soured on the market but love the deals I am getting while it is there. Another project inches closer to it's end.


  1. Are you going to go after his autos in the Padre uniform?

    1. No
      Im still trying to complete my 08 project of his so that will keep me occupied.
      Kershaw/Seager and Urias are the main PC auto Dodgers for now

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    JayBee Anama