Thursday, January 15, 2015

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman Chrome : Julio Urias Base Autograph Black Refractor Parallel (64/99) BGS Graded Gem Mint 9.5 AND eBay Bucks Quarterly Purchase Number Three

We arrive to the third and final eBay bucks and Christmas gift card purchases and with it my new crown jewel of Urias autographs.

Some of my Twitter and blog friends (Alex, Aus, Greg, Frank and Jesse) probably expected a different card to be my third and final acquisition but circumstances changed on the fly when I was decided which one to acquire. When I asked the group which would they pick they chose the other one but at the same time to not lose out on this potential card I sent in an offer to the seller on eBay. It was a semi low ball offer but it was not immediately rejected so there it stayed in limbo while I contemplated which one to pick. I decided to go with the group's decision and acquire the other card so off I went to eBay to complete that transaction...of course things changed.

While I was about to complete my transaction for that card the seller of this Urias card accepted my offer with no counter. Well okay then. So instead of the other great card I ended up with this great card which I was planning to pick up at some time whether it was now or later.

I actually have had a raw copy of this card twice in my hand in the past few months but each time it came in damaged so I returned it (hence why there has never been a blog post about it). Now I don't have to worry about condition or submitting it to BGS for grading as it already is in a nice gem mint case. I have two other gem mint Urias autographs that I may or may not let loose as I might pick something else up but with this in hand now I no longer need to search for that elusive crown jewel for the Urias section of my collection. The best part of it is that I paid zero dollars out of pocket for this card. All paid with gift cards from Christmas. I am a blessed person and I thank my family for gifting me eBay gift cards each year so I may acquire these great cards. Thank you again.

Now, that other card I was wanting. Well as of right now it is still on eBay for purchase and I am in talks with the seller to see what we can do with price as I do still want it. I hope to do a post up on that acquisition in the near future but we will see what happens.

That does it for yet another batch of quarterly purchase(s) on eBay using their eBucks program. If you are not using it you need to look into it. Free money ya'll. I look forward to each quarter to use the "money" that eBay passes out but the Christmas quarter is always the best as I can couple it with all the gift cards. Thank you again to the family for indulging me in my habit.

As always.... Mmmm gem minty

64 of 99

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. That's a beautiful card! You can never go wrong with 9.5 10's!

  2. Fantastic card. I may need to up my Urias auto game,

    1. TY
      It helped that he was with our Rancho club down here last yr so IP was easy. Real chill kid