Sunday, January 25, 2015

Photo of the Day - Clem Labine 8 x 10 PSA Autograph

I have never owned a Labine autograph but this eBay auction was the perfect one to final fix that mistake.

There were a few cards that perked my interest but nothing that was what I found to be an acceptable price to make me pull the trigger on the transaction. Along came this nice black and white photo that has already been authenticated by PSA and the seller only wanted $7 for it and that included shipping. Uh, yeah I'll do that any day of the week.

Clicked the button on the screen and sent over the necessary funds and within 10 days (tad long but at that cost I wasn't going to complain as I was in no hurry) I finally was able to add Clem to my collection. He was part of the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1950 through 1960. Being on the only championship team that Brooklyn had meant at sometime I would acquire his autograph and the time was finally right.

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