Thursday, January 8, 2015

DodgerPenguin Wallet Card Contest

The above Kershaw card is now in my wallet for it's "year" of adventure. 

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the greatest contest I won on Twitter and/or a blog.
I entered a contest held by my favorite blogger The Dutch Card Guy from across the pond and after a full day of leaving comments I was one of the four finalists to earn the right to chose one of 7 cards he was contesting away. With the luck of the draw aka I came out the winner earning the top pick to which of the 7 I preferred. I walked away with this:

Which after I received it I submitted it to BGS and it came back like this:

Damn, it's still great looking to this day. The only sticker autograph of Kershaw I am keeping in my collection due to the work I put in for it and the happiness it still brings me. Thank you again for running the contest. You can read the recaps about the contest HERE and HERE .

Well I feel it's time to finally give back to the community that has given me so much in the 15+ months that I have been so warming invited into. I decided to incorporate the #walletcard game into this contest. I will probably be running other various contests during the year but this one will be an ongoing one till the day after the last game of the 2015 World Series. Hence why I have stated the wallet card's "year" as it will be a baseball year not a calendar year. In my eyes baseball season is officially here so this contest will run from today till sometime in late October.

Now for the rules, prizes and what you need to do/know to potentially win a card of your choice.

I will contest out 7 autograph different cards (potentially one photo) which I am still figuring out which ones to do. I will do a separate post on that in the next month or so once I finalize it. Dodger Fan Fest is right around the corner so I might acquire an autograph or two from there to include in the contest. One thing for sure is there will be at one KERSHAW and one KEMP autograph among the 7 autographs. I earned/won a Kershaw now I give/gift a Kershaw.

Now for the point system and prize give out section:
You can earn at least one point and potentially up to five points on each question depending on what point value I assign to it. Harder the question the more points it's worth.
I might do a question a day or not one for a weeks so keep an eye out.
Once all points are tallied you will earn that amount of entries into the drawing. I will use and will randomize it 7 times. After the 1st winner is determined he or she will be taken out of the mix and the remaining people are randomized again 7 times with their total earned points for the 2nd winner and so on and so forth till we have 7 "winners". In honor of how I won my Kershaw card the 1st winner gets to pick his or her choice of the cards and then the second goes till all people have chosen their prize.

You must be a follower of the blog.
You must be a follower on Instagram. Helpful to follow but not necessary.
You must be a follower on Twitter

edit - taking out mandate for following on Instagram BUT will be at disadvantage as most pictures will be through there. Probably due some as Twitter exclusive. 

My ID on Twitter and Instagram is DODGERPENGUIN
ALL answers must be sent via INSTAGRAM as that is the easiest way to tell which correct answer came first.
Depending on the question answers may not need to be very specific but have to be better than immensely vague. For example, if the Kershaw card shows up at a Hooters restaurant, stating it's at a Hooters restaurant is sufficient enough. No need to state which one in whatever town I am in. Stating "some restaurant" is not a valid answer. Hope that helps.

You can also earn 5 points right off the bat if you pimp out this contest on your own blog and send me the link.

I will do update posts during the duration of this contest to include points totals as I am sure with a 10 month contest people probably would like to know where they stand and/or forgot their own total.

Yes, this is a long contest but like the one I won if you really want it you will put the effort it. If you don't no biggie. You can watch from the sidelines to see who is leading and who is chasing. If there are any questions feel free to contact me on any of the three social outlets. If not, thank you again for reading, following and contributing to my blog. Good luck to all that enter.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day

-Penguin  .


  1. Cool idea! Good luck with the contest. Unfortunately for me, I'm not on Instagram (no smartphone, believe it or not), so I won't be able to compete, but look forward to watching it unfold.

    1. Thank you.
      Im surprised no smartphone.
      There is still old standby desktop website... ?
      Thank you for reading nonetheless

    2. I also have no smartphone. :(

    3. in the coming weeks im going to do a blog only entry earning picture. just have to get some pics together and just have them cued up.

  2. Good to see you are still enjoying the Kershaw card ! No instagram here either so have to skip this one. Hope it's a fun ride for everyone !

    1. Thank you again.
      Dont want to eliminate people so I might nullify IG mandate BUT def at a disadvantage if only following through twitter.

    2. well, will at least score my first 5 votes by pimping your contest !!

    3. sounds good and as you know all it takes is a little luck on randomization.
      and thank you

  3. I don't have Instragram, but could it be through Twitter?

    1. going to be hard to figure out if your answer came first BUT i will be doing Twitter exclusive questions from time to time as well

  4. Look forward to competing. Been gone all day, so I missed the first IG post, but I'll be on the prowl. Good luck!

  5. My first contest of 2015!
    And away we go!

  6. Looking forward to competing and an almost year long contest. Will definitely pimp once I get home and will definitely follow on Instagram an twitter.

    1. Sounds good and thank you for reading and good luck to you.