Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Slight Adjustment / Addition To The #walletcard Contest

My wallet card contest is not even 2 weeks old but I am making a slight adjustment to the contest.

I tend to forget that some people still do not have a smart phones which makes it impossible to see photos on Instagram to earn entry points into the contest. I know Jesse is not going to like this as he has tried (and so far successfully) to corner and hoard all the points he can get but you no longer have to follow me on Instagram. You still have to follow the blog though.

Once a week (give or take) and probably on Friday or the weekend I will post the Kershaw card somewhere and just as it's been on Instagram you must tell me in the comments area where he and I are at or what we might be doing. At times it must be specific and other times not so much. To make it fair to all people I will NOT announce it on Twitter when a blog post goes live so you will have to check in when and if you feel like it. I will not always be by a computer so I might not be able to confirm who is right or wrong in a fast manor but I will do my best.

I will continue to do my Instagram point earning entries but I wanted to give everyone else a chance as again, the social media community has helped me out and worked with me so why shouldn't I? Remember, if you host your own blog you still can earn 5 points by just posting about this contest so don't miss out there.

I am still figuring out all the autographs that I will give out as the Dodger Fan Fest is in 10 days so I don't know what or who I might pick up there. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and if not thank you again for reading and good luck to all.

Have a blessed day.

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