Sunday, August 16, 2015

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Archives : Delino DeShields Fan Favorites Autograph

I am going to pretend here that since Delino is shown in an Expos jersey that he never ever played for any other team in baseball, especially the Dodgers.

Sigh... but my brain is too smart for that and I know that Delino played for the team in blue in the WORST trade, or at least in my opinion, that the Dodgers have done since I became a fan in 1981. While Delino was not a terrible player by any means, what we traded (mortgaged) to acquire him is still hard to fathom but that is what happens when you have the short sightedness of one Tommy Lasorda maneuvering the deal.

Nonetheless, Delino is another pick up for my collection due to me reading Up, Up and Away. While I would have preferred to have Delino in a Dodgers jersey it is fitting that I now have my one and only autograph of his depicting him in Expos colors. Plus with the measly $2 I paid for the card on eBay how am I going to complain about it?

Welcome to the autograph collection Delino.
Delino > Pedro ?

Thank you for ready and have a blessed day.


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