Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Tribute : Giancarlo Stanton Base Traditions Autograph Blue Parallel (45/50) BGS Graded Gem Mint 9.5

It has been a long road to once again reacquire Stanton's autograph and I am glad it is finally over as I can finally put away a small chapter in my trading history away for good.

I originally had Stanton on a signed ball but like everybody else that I had I sold it back in 2014. I found a great looking Five Star on card autograph to replace it for my collection and assumed I was done. That was until I did a trade with a person that may or may not be in Canada in which I acquired a sweet looking Griffey autograph, She had stated she would only do the trade it I included my Five Star copy of Stanton. I reasoned with myself that I was trading away a card of a current star that there were 333 copies and getting an autograph of a future Hall of Famer. That Griffey autograph went on to get graded gem mint by BGS so all in all it was a good trade card wise. For long time readers you know how that trade and that person turned sour real fast with me and loads of other people. I thought with 333 copies of the Five Star card I would be able to land me another in short order. I was wrong.

When I went looking for another copy they just weren't to be had. Either the price was much higher than I was willing to spend and/or the autograph itself was not up to my standards. I loved the photo on that card so I kept trying to find one but it never happened. I tried the graded route before this one but each one I came across either I didn't like the look or the asking price was too high. When this one showed up on the bay though the auction started at a penny and it looked great.

My problem was that I would be in a movie theater at the auction's end. Don't think people would like me bidding on an item in the dark while the movie was playing. When the lights went off in the theater I put my bid in and crossed my fingers that in 2+ hours I would find out that it held and I was the winner. Movie was good and the auction result was the same. My bid held and I finally welcomed Stanton back into the collection for a second time.

Mmm . . . minty

45 / 50

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Stanton sells really well. Could you imagine if he played on any other team? Beautiful card.

    1. Agreed. If he played for LA, BOS or NY his autos would be worth 2x as much. Puig for Stanton someday .... = )