Monday, August 17, 2015

Card of the Day - 2015 Bowman : Jose De Leon Base Chrome Blue Twitter Refractor Parallel (8/10)

At 1st glance this looks like your basic run of the mill blue refractor parallel that Topps/Bowman puts out every year in their products but you would be wrong if you thought that.

This is the special Bowman blue Twitter parallel that on the front you can only tell the difference from the "normal" blue parallels by the slight lighter blue hue. For those that don't know Twitter ran contests on their account and gave away these cards to the lucky winners. They came in clear packs and each card is numbered to only 10. Much rarer than than most parallels which means harder to acquire. I was never lucky enough to win a pack but I knew they would pop up on eBay once people received them from Bowman. I totally forgot about these as there are 4 Dodgers (De Leon, Urias, Verdugo and Schebler) in the set and I had written them down for me to acquire but for some reason I never searched for them. That is until one day I was looking for a De Leon autograph and came across this copy.

At the time this was the 3rd of the 10 to hit the bay as the two previous ones sold and this was the only one that was live. I used the closing costs of the other two to figure what my ceiling would be and hoped I could score this beauty. Of the 4 Dodgers this one is actually the most important one for me to pick up as the other 3 already have had their rookie cards released but this is Jose's first year so I gave myself a little more leeway price wise. Thankfully I can say that after 7 days I was the winner for a little under my cap.

Once in hand I promptly put it in my next BGS submission stack as only the centering gives me a slight pause towards a gem mint grade but I still think it earns it.

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  1. I didn't even know those existed. Very nice!

    1. i "forgot" they did till I did a search on autos for Jose. Thankfully I did as with only a 10 print run they wont be around long.