Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps : Kenley Jansen Base Framed Parallel (14/20)

Series 2 of Topps was released back in June and unlike the 1st series I was stalking eBay a day prior to release to land me these framed parallels the minute they hit the aftermarket. Series 1 has been a hassle to complete and with only 20 copies of each card they are far and few between. I am still looking for 2 cards to complete my series 1 checklist. I decided to be aggressive for series 2.

Thankfully there are only 4 cards in series 2 that I was/am after and Kenley would be the cheapest to acquire I assumed as the others are Kershaw (2) and Trout. Framed parallels started to pop up on eBay on the morning of its release and I continuously hit refresh as I wanted to lock these in fast. Kenley finally showed up in the afternoon on a BIN auction but thankfully it also had a best offer option. I shot over an offer to the seller who promptly (30 seconds) countered. I also promptly sent him back a counter between our two original offers and he agreed to it. A few days later the first of a planned 4 card project was in my hands. This was the cheapest of all the 2015 framed parallels I have acquired.

14 of 20

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