Friday, August 7, 2015

Card of the Day - 2015 Bowman : Jose De Leon Base Chrome Autograph Refractor Parallel (266/499)

With my Topps Museum checklist filled by my personal deadline I was able to start my next project with a clean slate. The  2015 Bowman issue was released on April 29th and on the 30th I was lucky enough to pick up my 1st card off my wish list.

With adjustments to my collecting habits this year there actually isn't that many cards that I want to acquire from this year's Bowman set. Only 4 players are on my list and they all happen to be Dodger prospects with the exception of Joc Pederson who is a rookie. Jose here is the biggest name of the group as he is tearing up the competition in Single A ball and probably will be in Double A sooner rather than later (edit : he was0. Of course with this just being released I had to purchase/acquire this from a gut feeling and not a book value reference.

With 499 copies there were plenty to chose from on eBay so I just had to find the right one at the right price and I ended up zeroing in on this one from a trusted seller as I have bought from them before. Multiple copies were ending around the same time so I hoped that my high bid would hold and thankfully it did. I expect this card to have a $30-$40 amount attached to it when book prices come out and if it indeed is that amount than I will be very happy as I wouldn't have even paid 50% of that amount.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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