Saturday, August 1, 2015

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman Draft : Kris Bryant Base Blue Refractor Parallel (338/399) BGS Graded Gem Mint 9.5

Though I searched out a Kris Bryant autograph and was able to acquire a copy for my collection I am not really into pursuing many prospects that are not Dodgers. Kris is the number one rated prospect in baseball and has been anointed as a can't miss player. We shall see about that. His card prices reflect that belief which is another reason why I wasn't going after any of his cards, of course when a bargain presents itself it would be foolish not to at least look into it and that is what I did and came away with this beauty.

I was looking for another card (which I will show off shortly) and found it and was about to purchase it but then I decided to look at what else the seller had for sale. Not much caught my eye except for this card. Raw this card books at $50 and with my "addiction" to BGS gem mints I was drawn to this card. The seller was asking for less than what it books for but still had a best offer attached to the auction. With me locked into the other card I was looking to score a deal on this one to save him money on shipping.

After 2 days of negotiating (longer than usual with sellers from my past experiences) he finally accepted an offer that was agreeable to him. Though I would have liked to shaved off a few more dollars off the transaction I can't really complain as I picked this card up at more than 20% off of what it books for raw and I got two great cards in the transaction. More on that other card shortly.

Another gold banner for the collection


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  1. Kris has had his struggles, but 60 RBI by the end of July aint bad for anyone let alone a rookie. What impresses me is that he looks like he's having fun regardless. That bodes well.

    1. Agreed. I thought Joc would win the ROY but Bryant might pull it out. The only thing that will help Joc is he defense which is superior of Kris's