Monday, August 10, 2015

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps Museum : John Smoltz Archival Autograph (38/99)

Took quite a few years but I was finally able to add the final and 3rd (Maddux, Glavine) pitcher from the dominant staff of the Atlanta Braves from the 1990's. As with the other two I had to have John here in Atlanta garb even though he played on other teams after his long stint with the team. Unlike Maddux I have never owned a Smoltz autograph as I could never find one in suitable condition when I was getting all my autos on baseballs. Now that my collecting habits have shifted to cards it opened up more options.

My 1st choice was to get him on a nice thick Five Star card but most seem to have corner issues or the sellers wanted too much in eyes for the card. Since John wasn't a priority I could just wait till something fell into my lap and this was the one to do just that. This card has a book value high of $60 with a low of $25. The low would be a nice deal for a newly inducted member of the Hall of Fame but I continued to hold out for a better deal. This popped up on the bay on a BIN auction with an asking price of $25 but it also had a best offer option. I sent over an amount under $20 which he countered and in turn I countered again with an amount between our two offers and within minutes he accepted that one.

Low book is $25 and I paid under that. Can't beat that and I am glad to finally add this piece to my collection. The paring of his blue autograph to his blue jersey coupled with the blue accent of the card makes it a very appealing card.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Did you make it to Pittsburgh?

    Nice Smoltz auto!

    1. Yes sir. Bad game on fri and sat. Didnt get to meet up with u but we might be heading to Morgantown tonight