Saturday, August 8, 2015

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps Museum : Craig Biggio Archival Autograph (10/99)

Wasn't expecting to ever acquire another Biggio autograph but when I traded out my one copy I was immediately on the hunt for a replacement for my collection. While I love the Topps Five Star brand as that is the one I had I wanted to go in a different direction this time.

The Five Star one I had was a BGS mint 9 but I did a trade with Frankie who runs the My Life In The Sports Card Hobby blog weeks ago. I didn't want to part with it but to get something you need to give something so off went Biggio but before I even completed that trade I was already on eBay looking for another copy. I remembered that Craig had an autograph in this years Topps Museum brand so that is where my focus went. They are only numbered to 99 but there seemed to be a fair share of them to chose from so I put a few of them on my watch list. Book has this valued at a high of $40 and a low of $15. Most of the sales seemed to be closing over $20 so I decided that was going to be my cap. Lost out on a few but when this card's auction was ending there were 2 other within a minute of each other also about to end. I hitched my wagon to this one and hoped that the others would get the attention. Even with a last second bid by another buyer I ended up with the top bid for a click under my $20 cap. Not too shabby. Welcome back to the collection Mr. Biggio.

10 of 99

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