Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Card of the Day - 2015 Gypsy Queen : Clayton Kershaw Mini Frame Autograph Retail Exclusive (4/25)

Going to try my luck again.

Awhile ago I posted about my most recent "disappointing" result pertaining to a Kershaw autograph. I want a gem mint Kershaw autograph from each year and I had submitted a 2015 Topps Museum to BGS and I thought it might sneak in as a gem as I knew the corners were an issue. No such luck as it came back an 8.5. I cracked it open and sold it back on eBay with the intention to buy another 2015 autograph and after some searching I came away with a steal.

I thought of about trying it again with another Museum autograph but I came across this card and while it was titled properly on eBay the seller missed one important fact. Unlike other cards this could only be found in retail packs and with it numbered to only 25 that makes it a hard card to get your hands on. Beckett has this booked from $125-$250 and this seller had it up for $150 with a best offer option. It had 2 hours left till the auction ended and I was 1 of 2 watchers so I decided to send him a bid to see how bad he wanted to get rid of it. I sold the Museum card for a little over $80 so I sent this seller an offer for a little over $80 so I wouldn't have to spend anything out of pocket. He countered with an offer of $125. I politely said no thanks as others have sold for less (which they have) and moved on. Not 15 minutes later he accepted my offer as he stated he wanted to buy something else and he didn't have time to relist it again. Woo hoo.

Now with this in hand it looks to be in much better condition than the Museum that earned an 8.5 and when BGS is back out here again I will for sure be submitting this in the hopes of getting my 2015 gem mint autograph of Mr. Kershaw.

4 of 25

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