Thursday, August 20, 2015

Card(s) of the Day - 2015 Topps Heritage : The Full Set

I have various projects that are more than likely to be completed at some point in the future but I am now undertaking one that will either take my whole life to finish or never will as it has 500 cards in it.

I have moved away from acquiring autographs on baseballs as most of you know and have moved over to cards and pictures but watching more and more people getting full sets signed seemed like a huge task but a fun one at the time. I have a handful of friends that love to do IP (in person) and TTM (through the mail) for sets like these and I am finally going to join them. I wanted a set that contained mostly people that could be tracked down at some point in the future and cards that would easily handle a blue sharpie. With most sets now with some type of gloss that could affect the pen I steered myself to Topps Heritage for a couple of reasons. One, it does not have the thick gloss on the cards, two a lot of people do this set so hopefully I can trade with some of you out there and we can help each other out.

As you can see from the center card feature Joc Pederson there are quite a few that have two players (even some with 3) which makes this set even harder to complete. Will I ever get close to acquiring all the autographs on the 500 cards? To be honest probably not but I sure as hell am going to try and if I can get 300 I would be highly impressed with myself and consider it an accomplishment.

So with that I start a journey/project that will take years to "complete" and if you have any cards or tips for me with TTM please reach out and contact me. Maybe we can scratch each other's back.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. That's a very ambitious project, Best of luck on reaching your goal!

    Dan at the Daily Autograph might have some good tips for in person autos, he's been getting players to sign cards for years down in FLA.

    The most prolific TTM blog I know about is Droid Trader's Memorabilia, he seems to be building quite a collection of vintage autos and might have some tips for getting TTM stuff signed.

    My only attempt at a TTM was to Juan Gonzalez as a kid in the early 90s - I never heard back from him...

    1. Highly appreciate the links. I will for sure use whatever tips they or anyone else might have in this project. I have seen a few people on IG get to 400 out of 500 for the 2012 set and I am just amazed they got that much.

      Juan probably was/is still waiting on a $5 bill as he has bills to pay.
      = )

      Thank you again

    2. Ha, I knew I should have sent him some cash! This was before his big deals with Detroit and Cleveland and Kansas City...

    3. Man has to eat.... haha
      Needs his $5 foot long