Saturday, August 29, 2015

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Tribute : Ryan Braun Tribute to the Pastime Base Autograph (18/99)

I finally reacquired a reacquired autograph.

I originally had a Ryan Braun signed baseball but sold that off and then used those funds to land me a great Allen and Ginter autograph which also happened to be a 1 of 10 red ink variant for the cost of the ball. A great trade off in my opinion at the time. I never planned to get rid of that card but then I ended up doing a trade for some very limited Kershaw cards which I couldn't resist. My thinking (with input from fellow bloggers as well) was that though the red ink is indeed unique and limited it wasn't a necessity to be attached to it if I could acquire cards that are my personal collection which Braun is not a part of. I did the trade and Ryan promptly went back on my to be reacquired list. It took a little longer than I thought it would take but I finally landed me another autograph of the Brewer slugger.

Now that I wasn't looking for a limited and rare autograph of Ryan I could just focus on getting an autograph at a deal. Few months went by as I was really trying to cheap out on the cost and kept losing out on auctions but this particular copy went up for sale on eBay with a penny starting price and I put it on my watch list. Card books for a high of $25 and a low of $10. $10 ish was my ceiling as I thought that was reasonable. Well at the end of the day I only had to fork over $8.18. A steal in my eyes.

Well once again Ryan is represented in my autograph collection and hopefully I won't have to go searching again for him. Welcome back Mr.Fake 2011 MVP.

18 / 99

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