Thursday, October 2, 2014

Card of the Day - 2003 Topps Tribute : Kirk Gibson Series Signature Autograph Relic

1988... the last year when it was great to be a Dodger fan. Don't get me wrong as it is always enjoyable (for the most part) to be one but 88 was a special year. Even if/when we win the World Series this year it won't hold a candle to what happened in 88. Too many special occurrences that year that I don't think can be duplicated this year. It was a another time and the game was played differently. 

That year was captured perfectly in the famous Kirk Gibson picture as seen on this card. Kirk was part of the ball purge and I wanted to acquire his autograph in some way that was attached to 1988. For the most part I was looking for a PSA/JSA signed 8x10 photo of the post home run trot but couldn't find anything to my liking at a reasonable price. 

One day my eBay search came across this shiny card from the 2003 Tribute set. I was unaware of its existence prior to that day. The signature is on card and has a bat relic in the shape of 88. Oh yeah, I had to win this card. It was on multiple watch lists on eBay as I added it to mine. Beckett has it listed at $80. Wanted it but not at that price. Contacted the seller and we agreed on a price that was a bargain for me and ended up being less that what I sold the ball for. Even swap. Woo Hoo.

A great piece of Dodger history added back into my collection. May 2014 bring that magical feeling back to Dodger Stadium this month. 

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