Monday, October 13, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman Chrome : Julio Urias Base Autograph Refractor Parallel ( 111 / 500 )

My favorite brand has finally been released and I was not able to get in a case break for my beloved Dodgers so I now have to go hunting for all the cards I want. The biggest name is Julio Urias and he has a total of three cards in the set that I want. All autographs. Black, blue and plain old refractor parallels.

I still want non autograph cards of the other players but my main focus is on these three first. Considering they will be the hardest to acquire at a reasonable amount and there is no book value as of yet to reference I had to go with my gut. The blacks and blues are in short supply and are commanding a high amount out the gate so I decided to go after a refractor version first that I thought might grade out to a gem mint grade as that is my goal. 3 cards, 3 gem mints. Crossing my fingers.

Lost out on a few copies as prices skyrocket but one night this particular card's auction was ending late at night and had less traffic on it than the others. Had my phone ready to bid at the last moment with the hope that I could pick it up on the low end of the price spectrum. Wish came true as I came out on top and won the first of 3 planned Urias Bowman Chrome cards. Card came in within a few days and looks to be gem mint all around and a possible chance at a pristine 10 as I do not see any flaws but I won't be greedy. Gem mint is fine with me.

111 / 500

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