Monday, October 27, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Chrome : Erisbel Arruebarruena Base Autograph Blue Refractor Parallel ( 149 / 199 )

Yeah...I so butcher this young man's name every time I try to pronounce it.

His 1st autographs came out in the Finest brand but I am not a fan of all the "radical" colors in that set. I did put in my token low bid just to see if I could score one at a real low price but that never happened. I was happy to know that he would also be featured in the more acceptable Topps Chrome brand that was coming out a month later. I just had to wait.

I was/am only looking for the refrator, black refractor and this blue refractor parallels to add to my collection. No need for the base one for me.

Right out the gate the blue version was topping $20+ which was too much for my taste so like usual I just had to sit and bide my time till the price came down to my liking. Few weeks passed and finally they were creeping downward towards my sweet spot and I was able to pick it up for what I found to be a highly reasonable price. My first Erisbel autograph of the planned 3 for my collection.



  1. Come on man, you don't like Finest? It is a throwback to the crazy 90's.

    1. I LOVE the 93 set. One of my favs of all time. Love the retor insert from last year but the more extreme colors now are just a lil much for me.