Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Allen and Ginter : Felicia Day Mini Frame Autograph

Stupid mobile game.

That is the only reason why I acquired this autograph because of the Family Guy: Quest for Free Stuff mobile game that I have been playing for the better of 7 months. As the game updates and gets new objectives to beat, new characters are introduced into the game. Well, they did a 40 day quest that revolved around Comic-Con and for you non geeks out there that is the event to end all events for all things comics, movies, tv etc that is held in San Diego every July. Well as they game neared day 25 give or take, Felicia was introduced into the game. I haven't really followed her career even though I know of her and remember her from the tv show, The Dollhouse (highly underrated in my opinion).

Well, dammit if not seeing her every day on my little phone screen didn't want me to acquire her autograph, but that is only because I knew she was in the Allen and Ginter release from this year. If she wasn't in it I wouldn't have pursued the autograph but since she was I wanted it.

Book value is set at $25 and even at 40-50% off that would be too much for me on this particular autograph and with closed sales over $15 I did not expect to complete a transaction anytime soon. Low and behold one day for some reason this particular card hadn't received much action and the high bid was hovering around $7 delivered. Few seconds left and I put my bid in and won my own Felicia Day autograph card.

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