Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Card(s) of the Day - 2012 Topps Museum Collection : Mark Trumbo Autograph ( 367 / 399 ) and 2013 Topps Tribute : Mark Trumbo Autograph Gold Parallel ( 2 / 15 )

Normally when I acquire multiple autograph cards in one auction I post them individually but since it is of the same player who is not a Dodger it seemed a little redundant to me. This auction had two Trumbo autographs cards from two premium brands in the form of Topps Museum and Topps Tribute.

367 / 399

I wasn't really planning to buy a Trumbo card let alone two but I saw an opportunity that I couldn't pass if it played out to my advantage. Trumbo is an offensive beast but is an issue on the defensive side. Now that he is on the Diamondbacks I think his batting totals will only increase as the desert can only enhance those stats.

The first card is from the 2012 Topps Museum set and books in at $15. Not overly pricey but a if had at a bargain all the better.

2 / 15

The second card on the other hand is a little more rare and valuable. There is no book value due to it having only 15 copies. The one parallel that has 25 copies books at $25 so safe to assume that this card probably would come in around $30ish give or take. 

Well the seller had both up for sale in the same auction and had a starting bid of a penny. Nothing unusual but with a minute left the high bid was a $4. Again, wasn't planning to buy a Trumbo card but what the hell why not if I can snag them at a low cost. I ended up the winner of both cards for less than $10. So for less than $5 a card I picked up two Trumbos. Not too shabby.

I am in no need for two Trumbo cards so the Museum card is up for trade if any one is interested. 

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