Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman Platinum : Yimi Garcia Black Collection Autograph ( 24 / 25 )

Just like 2014 Inception I have no interest whatsoever in this year's Platinum Brand. This was another of the 2013 sets I collected which I eliminated from my pursue list this year. But just like Inception there are a couple of cards I do want out of Platinum. Two Dodgers are represented in it that I have no autographs of which are Schebler and Yimi Garcia.

Schebler will come to me when I find the right price and there are plenty to chose from so he is not a priority. Yimi on the other hand had two options to go after with this one being the most coveted. Yimi is represented in the base set with various parallels to chose from ( where Schebler's autograph will be coming from ) but Yimi also is in the continuing set that is inserted across all the Bowman products. The Bowman Black Autograph set is one of my favorites to collect and once I knew Yimi was part of it this would be the autograph I wanted to have of him in my collection.

With only 25 copies I knew there weren't going to be many chances to pick this up but with him not being that big of a name I didn't expect much of a bidding war when one would pop up on the bay. Well the first one that did show up and ended up selling for over $21. I wasn't in on that one but this one had no action on it compared to the first one and I ended up being the winner for it at a click over $8. Quite a difference between the two but I am not one to complain when it favors me.
= )

24 of 25


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    1. Same here.
      Smaller name means small price
      Would love the Seager but dont have allocated funds for that..