Saturday, October 18, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Allen and Ginter : Bill Buckner Mini Framed Autograph

New set
New autograph
Why not?

Allen and Ginter is one of the sets that I collected last year but this year I will not be pursuing the base cards or their multiple parallels. But autographs are always an exception to the rule in my collection.

The design of this year's set is not overly appealing but it's not terrible. There are not that many autograph subjects within the this year's set that I would like to acquire and Bill was actually not on my need list but if the price was right I would consider it.

Prior to this year I didn't have any Buckner autographs in my collection and now I have a few. I love the picture on this card but when the set was released most auctions were going for over $10 and I had no intention of paying anywhere near that amount for a card that is not a set or pc need. I kept bidding on various auctions with a little less than $5 bid and every single one I was out bid on ( not surprisingly ) but I kept placing that same bid in case I ever won it for that amount and I would consider it a nice little win. Well one day I ended up winning an auction with that bid as for some reason there was no action on said auction.

Card came in and looks nice in person. Another Dodger autograph is welcomed into the collection.

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