Sunday, October 5, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Julio Urias Bowman Black Collection Autograph ( 25 / 25 )

Oh happy day, happy day.
I have a nice handful of autograph redemption cards I am waiting for from Topps and slowly but surely I expect them to be fulfilled but I have two real big names that I really want in a hurry and this is the first of them and it is finally in hand.

I originally received this card as a redemption as seen HERE back in July and considering it is only October that is a pretty quick turn around for the whole process. I won the card on a great deal and considering what I have seen this go for the deal has gotten better since then. Once I saw it on that it was on its way to me I crossed my fingers hoping it would come in flawless condition as I planned to get it graded. This would be my crown jewel of Julio autographs even though I have some nice ones already. Well card came in and I say it has an outside chance of earning that gem mint grade that I want. Edges, surface and centering look spot on to me, the problem is going to come with the corners. Being a black and thick card makes it susceptible to bending and/or fraying.

Well with it in hand I can say for sure that it will not earn a 10 or 9.5 sub grade so my hope is that it will come in at a 9. If it does and the others all come in at 9.5 I will have my gem mint card so my fingers continue to be crossed till I submit it shortly. At worst it will be a mint 9.0 but I so want a 9.5 return. Great card nonetheless though.

25 of 25


  1. Great card, love the Black Collection autos.

    1. TY.
      Its hard to beat silver on black cards.