Wednesday, October 1, 2014

BGS Submission Update Twelve - 2013 Topps Tribute : Clayton Kershaw Base Autograph Blue Parallel ( 49 / 50 ) Now Graded and Slabbed a Gem Mint 9.5

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Beckett Book Value : $60

The 12th post and we come to the last of 5 Kershaw cards.

I originally had this as my top card as I just "knew" it would come back gem mint (which it did) and the only reason it isn't the last post is because the biggest surprise of the batch supersedes this by a hair.

I have learned from past submissions that BGS (and I think wrongly) believes if an autograph goes to the edge it is not perfect and a lot times they downgrade it to a mint 9. No issue here as the autograph is bright and within the "margins" and received a 10. The only thing that worried me about this card were the corners as they were sharp but ever so not pointy like past cards. BGS thought the same and gave them a 9. I needed the other 3 sub grades to earn a 9.5 in hopes of having 2 of the 5 Kershaws come back gem mint. A 10 and 2 9.5's later and I had my wish as this card earned an overall gem mint grade.

Next batch of submissions will have at least 2 more Kershaw's and a third if I can score a deal. I just love them in these spiffy BGS cases.

Last card coming up and it is a first for me.

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