Monday, October 6, 2014

Stanley ( Cup ) and I Part Deux

Almost two years ago to the day ( as seen HERE ) I blogged my first non introductory post and it was about Lord Stanley and I  meeting up for the first time as the Kings finally won the Cup after years of mediocrity.

Now with the Kings winning the Cup once again it was time to take another picture with the it. Friday was also the first game of the NLDS for the Dodgers hence the Dodger cap but when I last saw the Cup I wore a Kings jersey and the Dodgers and Kings did not fare well that next season so I thought I would change it up and go with a non jersey and a Dodger cap to hopefully sway the sports Gods in our favor. Superstitious much? Ha Ha

The wife joined me as we headed up to L.A. Live for our scheduled 3:30 appointment. This was a free event unlike two years ago so there were more people this time. I picked the late time to minimize exposure to the heat and it was a hot one that day. We checked in and hopped in line which moved briskly and we were in front of the camera for our picture within 30 minutes. They did not allow you to take the picture with your own camera but instead had a professional photographer take it and direct you to a website to download it for free. One shot is all you got so you had better ready. Wife looks great but why the hell am I leaning into the Cup? Oh well, its all good.

Our second time with the Cup and hopefully not the last.

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